NDI – Network Device Interface & Live Event Streaming

NDI developed by NewTek, in my opinion, is going to take IP Video Networking by storm. It is already well on its way as there is very little delay (less than one frame) and allows for multiple ways to view and send multiple sources. You can check out the full specs here:  https://www.newtek.com/ndi/. If you are planning to transition to the NDI Workflow, a good knowledge of networking will go quite far. Also, be aware that currently, this is focused mainly for windows based systems. There are tools that are being developed for Mac by Sienna, a third party developer. (http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/ ) These are quite the saving grace for me as I, along with many of my peers, work in a Mac only environment. Thank you Sienna!

Live Video Streaming and NDI. No longer will you need external frame grabbers or tratidional video encoders as NDI Protocol will take care of all of that for you. You will need a NDI encoder however which, as of now, you can find on the NewTek site or a third party developer by the name of BirdDog.  Basically,  depending on the device you choose, you have either HDMI or SDI Input options to NDI and then down the line via cat6 and 1GB LAN. The Connect Spark from NewTek also allows for WiFi transmission.  On the receiving end, there are multiple streaming programs that now accept NDI. For example; Wirecast, OBS, Vmix etc…

All and all a very exciting time for Live Event Streaming. There are many possibilities with this new Protocol and I know for myself, I am in the process of diving into NDI and hopefully will not have to look back.

M Mac – AVolution Productions/ProVideoGO – www.AVolution.biz


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